About us


This is our story.

It all began with a desire to send underprivileged children to school. 

But we didn't have the resources to fund this dream. So, we decided to start a brand that could. 

On April 1st, Fools Day, a foolish idea was born. 

Odd socks, paired with a story. 

What started as a joke turned into a serious passion project. 

6 months later our first trial socks arrived. Disaster. 

We reworked, worked, reworked and finally ended up with a collection we loved.

Over the course of a year, we sent our socks to friends asking them for feedback.  We received a love of love (and an occasional 'You're Stupid').

Both these responses made us proud and fueled the dream further. 

The picture below is just a peek into what we want our brand to accomplish. Apart from making sustainable fashion sassy, this is what really inspires us to keep going. We're just getting started.