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Our heart is to send underpriveleged children to school. We have been on the lookout for children who could benefit from our heart. This is where we met the amazing folks at Santhosa Samsara. On February 2022, we were lucky to have sponsored the education of two children Joy and Jasper. If you have a heart to help, please visit


Joy lost her mother when she was very young, her father is a daily wage earner and with much difficulty pull their family finances. Joy wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Imagine the impact her education will have on generations to come. teamed up with Santhosa Samsara to sponsor Joy's education.



Jasper's mother works as a domestic helper and her father is in need of medical attention. It is very difficult for the family to spend on the child's education. He dreams of becoming a policeman someday. We hope that Jasper will play his part in protecting those in need. Socks Apart teamed up with Satosha Samsara to sponsor Jasper's education. streets will be safe one day.

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